Today is the second Saturday of the month. This means the warehouse is all swept out, all my tools are put away, the work table is clear, and the shop bathroom is clean. This only happens on the second Saturday of the month during the warm months of the year. And it... read more

In Defense of the Doodle

Is doodling a dying art? With the proliferation of iPads, smart phones and other personal electronic devices, we spend less and less time with a pen or pencil (or in my case, a crayon) in hand. Sit in on any business meeting and at least one person will be frantically... read more

What’s Your Play Style?

According to Dr. Stuart Brown, there are eight play personalities. Much like the Character Codes, no one is a perfect example of one type. We are a mix, usually with one or two dominant styles and bits and pieces of others.  Recognizing what your style is can help you... read more

Play More. It’s Good For Business

What!?! Business is serious – um, business. I don’t have time for any foolishness like playing. Play is just for children Wrong, wrong, wrong. Play isn’t just for kids. Play is important for all humans. Actually it’s important to all high... read more

Of Raspberries and Dogs

I have a dog. I have a cat too, but this post is about the dog. Geraldine (that’s the dog) is a Cane Corso, which is fancy for Italian Mastiff.  Mastiffs are known for their calm, serious nature. Geraldine is no exception. She has her playful moments, usually... read more

Being Me

Here I am at 60+ years of age (thank you, yes I know I don’t look a day over 55) and still trying to figure out what I’m going to be when I grow up. It’s a big assumption that I will ever actually do that – grow up I mean. All indications point... read more

New Toy – It’s a Blast

I have a new toy. An air eraser.  No, it’s not a device for getting rid of unwanted air. It’s a mini sand blaster.  Here are the first things I created using it. A set of nautical themed tumblers (thank you Dollar Store) . . . . A bass carved on a sample... read more

Live imperfectly, with great delight.

To change one's life: Start immediately. Do it flamboyantly. No exceptions.
~William James