Life has been busy lately and, between the rush and race of the daily duties and the mental burn out in the evening, I haven’t been able to string together enough thoughts to create a  sentence. This is just a brief stop to share a random idea.

While I don’t  seem to be able to form a coherent vision regarding any of my own businesses, I have moments of genius when it comes to other peoples’ stuff. The latest of those amazing insights is about the iPad.

A little back story (bear with me, I’m writing on 2 hours sleep and 2 fairly large glasses of very cheap  chardonnay). During a recent business networking meeting one of the attendees gently chided another attendee for checking email and texting during the meeting.  The alleged offender responded by showing everyone that she’d been taking notes on her iPhone.  (Later she emailed the notes to the entire membership, thereby showing us all just how cool the whole technology thing is.)

Now for this to make any sense, assuming there is any chance its going to anyway, you need to know that many of the members of this group are on the far side of 50, some further than others.   The e-note taker is in her 30’s.  Why is this relevant? 

The eyes!

If you don’t know what I mean, you’re in that 30’s and under  demographic, but just wait. As my grandmother used to say, “You’ll be old someday, then you’ll see” (but not too well.)  One day you’re squinting a little or adding just a little more light.  The next day you have 6 pairs of half-eye readers  stashed all over so you don’t actually have to wear them, just have them handy for the small print. Then you need stronger ones, but only for a few things,  so certain ones have to stay in certain places.  It can get very complicated. A tip from one who knows, make sure they all look different.

Back to the iPad (at last). It’s the large print version of the iPhone. No readers required. It’s a  whole untapped market.

See – genius!