Love Letter

I belong to a writer’s group that meets twice a month. Between meetings we occasionally have an optional “homework” assignment. A few weeks ago that assignment was to write a love letter to ourselves as is it were from someone else.  This is mine:... read more

Spooker – the Arrival

My mother opened the door and was greeted with another chorus of “Trick or Treat!” As she was dropping goodies into the proffered bags and admiring little costumes a cat strolled through the open door and made himself at home in the kitchen. Halloween... read more


Jigsy was  tiny dog with a huge libido. He was an equal opportunity hound. Chihuahua or Great Dane and every female canine in between were likely to receive his adoring attentions. I have no idea how he came to be a member of our constantly changing pantheon of pets.... read more


Grumpy was a drunk. He was a drunk and he couldn’t fly. Maybe that’s why he was grumpy. Actually he wasn’t grumpy. Wait, he was Grumpy but that was his name, not his disposition. Grumpy was a happy drunk and not being able to fly didn’t seem to... read more

The Job Chronicles – Part 1

My first job was in a dirty book factory. I don’t mean a grimy, grey, concrete facility located underneath a motorcycle dealership, although it was that too. I mean it was a place that printed and distributed dirty books and magazines. Dirty by the standards of... read more

Adding a Little Zip

What’s the perfect outing for someone who has a mild anxiety about heights? Zip lining of course. My friend Shirley decided she was going to celebrate her 70-somethingth birthday with something new and exciting. She sent out the zip lining adventure invitation... read more

Moving – It’s Not for Sissies

I decided it was time to make a few changes. So, not being one to do things by halves, I dropped a bomb into my life and changed almost everything. All at once. It has been a mad couple of months. First I tried to sell one of my businesses. When that didn’t work... read more

Further Adventures in Washer Repair

If you’re a regular reader of my irregular ramblings you will remember the washing machine repairs undertaken last December. If not, you can read about it here.   As predicted, the problem resurfaced just a few days ago. The machine had been working great,... read more

Jeopardy and the Rounding Error

The TV game show Jeopardy is advertising the latest on-line test to become a contestant. It’s coming up on March 28. My husband has been urging me to register and I’ve been “forgetting”. Last night I figured out why. It’s not that I was... read more

Live imperfectly, with great delight.

To change one's life: Start immediately. Do it flamboyantly. No exceptions.
~William James