Who You Gonna Call?

Last year we bought a washer-dryer unit. One of those skinny, dryer-stacked-on-top, units to replace one we’d been using since Atlantis was a super power. Funds were short but laundry will not be ignored. A Craigslist search and several phone calls brought us... read more

Live Colorfully

A dear friend of mine purchased a floating home just about a year ago. When she purchased it the colors were a nice conservative  brown with white trim. Nothing controversial but also nothing particularly interesting either. For a lot of people this would be fine.... read more

Did Something Die In Here?

Have you ever found yourself trying to track down an odor?  That was me starting about a week ago. As I walked from the living room toward to bathroom I detected .  . .  something. Something not pleasant. Sniff . . . sniff, did something die in here?  It was faint and... read more

Live imperfectly, with great delight.

To change one's life: Start immediately. Do it flamboyantly. No exceptions.
~William James