My very good friend, Diane, sold her house, put her furniture in storage, packed her truck with all of the food, drink, music, supplies, toys and sports equipment that will fit, recruited two friends with some available time, and started across country to Tennessee.  She’s calling me each evening so I can update all of her local friends on her progress.

The trip started from Oakland (A) Saturday October 1.  On Sunday morning she watched the sun rise over the Grand Canyon (B).  Part of that day was spent touring Grand Canyon National Park.  Then onward to Albuquerque NM (C) for the night.  Monday afternoon brought them to Santa Fe (D), too late in the day to visit the Georgia O’Keefe house but in time for a glorious sunset.

Here’s the map of her travels through last evening:

Diane hopes the pictures turn out. Those of us who know her have no doubt that they will be breathtaking. Her talent is in the taking pictures, not in the transmitting them electronically so we may not get to see them until she returns for a visit in either December or February.  If  I can coach her through it from the road maybe I can add appropriate photos to these posts.