The latest story from Diane:

“So I go to play a local course late one afternoon. I’d be lucky if I could finish nine. This kind faced older gentleman comes over to me with this great big smile, puts his hand on my shoulder and says to whoever is in ear shot. ” This is one famous lady. They’re making a movie about her”. To say I was stunned is a gross understatement. Is he all there? Is it possible this is a case of mistaken identity? Who does he think I am?

Well later after playing, I saw him again and told him I was not who he thought I was. He was so surprised. He said, “You look just like her, the coach from MTSU”. So I asked him her name, but he couldn’t remember.

The next time I saw him I asked again, and he said his son who works in the pro shop knows her name. His son said Starks, Miss Starks.
The older gentleman said “Yup you look just like her.”

Well I finally had a chance to look up Miss Starks. I am sending the article I found. Boy was I ever surprised.
You never know…..

Diane's Look-Alike Dr. Catana Starks

Dr. Catana Starks. Read about her here. No surprise that Diane’s story happened on a Tennessee golf course.