Not so tiny

Not quite “Build it and they will come” but the best I can do on this Saturday morning.

If you read back in my posts you’ll encounter a number of articles about play and at least one where I express my ambition to speak and teach on the subject. That part was easy, writing about it. The standing up and actually doing it, not so much.  However as more than one wise person has said, if you actually commit to a date and get on someone’s schedule to speak, you pretty much have to go through with it.

So I did.  I committed to speak at the March 22nd April 5  Successful Thinkers Network meeting in Alameda. The date is still about 19 days in the future and the dry-mouth, shaky-hands, roiling-stomach part of the process hasn’t begun – yet.

I am fully occupied (distracted is a more accurate term) with writing content, getting opinions about content, rewriting content, distracting myself from writing content, avoiding writing content, changing my mind about content, and trying to read my notes about content. So far I’m not content with my content but I’m getting close.

What I’m sure of is there will be toys and, hopefully, laughter. What I want the audience to leave with is the understanding that attaining success isn’t the way to achieve happiness. Play helps lead to happiness and being happy is a key to achieving success.  Pretty cool, huh?

Edited 3/15: I was a little over eager when I told you all that the date was 3/22. At that time it was actually 3/29.  Whew! I really needed the extra week.  Since then it’s been bumped to 4/5 to make room for a special speaker who will only be around for a few days. It’s the head guy’s father so it’s good manners to yield,  right? Since I am a master procrastinator this threatens to bring my work on the whole thing to a screeching halt. To counteract this tendency I’m going to present the talk at my Womens Business Exchange meeting on 3/22. Which means I lost that extra week. Eek – back to work!