Yellow tabby ktten lounging on a desk

Didn't have a picture of a washer so I'm using a picture of my cat

If you’re a regular reader of my irregular ramblings you will remember the washing machine repairs undertaken last December. If not, you can read about it here.   As predicted, the problem resurfaced just a few days ago.

The machine had been working great, mainly because my husband was doing the laundry. Then I decided to wash a bathroom rug. Company was coming and I was deep into cleaning mode.

In to the machine went the rug and another item to help balance things out.  All seemed fine at first, then came the spin cycle and the banging brought me running.  Flinging open the lid I found the tub laid over like a discarded top and a soggy rug heaped at the bottom.  No clean rug today.

This time we replaced the shock mounts. The new ones addressed the design flaw with a carefully placed fastener. The rug is clean and I’m almost brave enough to try washing the other one.

Then again, machines have been giving me trouble lately so maybe I’ll just let Armand take care of the laundry.