Tucked away in my draft folder is a clever and  extremely humorous post about shopping for incontinence products and the dazzling array of choices available. Actually, if it was all that clever and humorous it would already be published. Let’s just say it has the potential to be clever and humorous.  If it ever starts working up to its potential the teachers can stop sending notes home and I might get it posted here.  Or not.

So – what does that have to do with zero gravity?

I was doing some research on the many variations in adult wetness protection. Actually I was trying to find a version that will fit a thong.  Not for myself,  I was just curious. Amazingly, there is not one product for the thong wearers of the world.  Why not? There seems to be every other shape, size, color, and accommodation.   I can tell you from personal experience stories I’ve heard that wearing a thong and the occasional laughter/cough/sneeze induced dribble are not mutually exclusive.  Here is another market niche identified.  Are you listening Depends?  But I digress.

In my explorations, I came across the civilian equivalent of the NASA diaper; you remember, the one worn by that crazy astronaut chick who drove across country to accost her boyfriend’s girlfriend.   The MAG (maximum absorbency garment) used by NASA will hold up to 64 oz of liquid. The civilian version called the Wellness brief holds up to 87 oz of liquid. I repeat – 87 oz! That’s almost 5-1/2 pounds of pee.

My question is this – how, on Earth, how do you keep them up?