Aaarrghhh!  I am not a website expert, far from it.  But I do like puzzles. I prefer puzzles that, once I’ve solved them, stay solved.  Alas, in websiteland this is not to be.

Several weeks ago I logged in to write something witty and was sidetracked by notices that both WordPress and my theme, Atahualpa, had updates available.  Being unable to leave well enough alone, I elected to install them both.  Ever since then, the sub menus under two of my menu tabs fly out way off to the right and there is no way to click on them. A handy new design feature that I’m sure everyone appreciates.

Somewhere, there’s a fix for the problem.  I’ve even looked it up. It involves changing a bit of code because WordPress 3.0.? and Atahulapla  ver. 3.4.5  don’t like each other.   Obviously, I haven’t done it yet.  I’m hoping it will heal itself.

Now there is a notice at the top of the page telling me, WordPress 3.0.2 is available! Please update now. If my web host actually allowed WordPress to automatically update from my control panel, I might consider it. But noooo, I have to do the whole thing manually.  After I go through all of the downloading, backing up and uploading, checking the instructions, fixing what I messed up, re-uploading, testing, rereading the instructions to figure out which step I missed and then redoing the whole thing again, what do you thing the odds are of the menu problem being fixed?  Right – not a chance in hell!

Oh – and now I notice that Atahulapa has an update available to 3.4.9.  Maybe the menu glitch has been solved in the interim.  If I get the updates installed anytime soon (not tonight, I have a party to go to – priorities ya’ know) you may know before I do.  Keeping my fingers crossed