The confluence of serendipity and synchronicity have launched me on a new trajectory.

Hmmm – the trajectory isn’t really new. It is more accurate to say that recent events have opened my eyes to the path I am already tip toeing along and enabled me to believe I can walk it with assurance, authority and authenticity (and alliteration).

All this awareness has been prompted by the following three blessings.

First, in April of this year I volunteered to assist Brandy Mychals at one of her workshops. This led to me volunteering to assist at the next workshop, and then the one after. Now I’m a regular. If you attend one of her workshops you’ll see me, the tall, white-haired  Activist-Artist at the back of the room. The duties tend to be fairly light so I have ample time to listen to her speak and follow along on many of her exercises.

Around that same time Renee Bornstein asked if I could provide a banner and put a logo on a tablecloth for a group she had become a part of, the OptiMystics. They were on a very tight budget so I agreed to do the banner at a discount and the tablecloth in trade. Something I don’t usually do because my landlord prefers cash. But Renee is struggling to escape a career she hates and build a business that will allow her to follow her bliss. I know this condition well. The trade was for one of the OptiMystics triple guidance sessions. A combination astrology, tarot and hand reading.

Then, a couple of months ago I was fortunate enough to be selected as the random winner on Allison Bliss Consulting’s Facebook page for Thank You Thursday. My prize, a one-hour walking idea lab.

So, how did the opportunities presented by these three events manifest into a direction for yours truly? Listening to Brandy’s presentations awakened a latent desire to teach and speak .  My triple guidance session strongly pointed out that my path and my power lie in healing through laughter and reconnecting people to the power of play. My time with Allison Bliss and her walking idea lab gave me the concrete  feedback I needed to really believe that there is a way to make a living (re)teaching people how to play.

This was serendipitous because each of these opportunities for guidance came from me giving something to support a business woman I knew and respected, with no expectations of the outcome. I gave my time to Brandy Mychals, I gave my artistic ability to the OptiMystics, and I gave feedback (my opinion) to Allison Bliss. All things I have in abundance and probably don’t value highly enough, yet.

What blows me away is how synchronous the message is from these three sources. I’m still processing it all. Watch this space for more. More about my path and more about the amazing women who helped me claim it. In the mean time I highly recommend the following:

You just never know what will happen. And isn’t that exciting?