Yeah - that's me!

Today is the second Saturday of the month. This means the warehouse is all swept out, all my tools are put away, the work table is clear, and the shop bathroom is clean. This only happens on the second Saturday of the month during the warm months of the year. And it only happens then because I’m expecting company.

This is pretty much the same method I use for my domestic housekeeping.  My husband and I share the household duties and, fortunately we also share a similar . . . tolerance. There are some basics we take care of on a regular basis. Like vacuuming (my husband usually does this). If we didn’t vacuum with some frequency the whole place would fill up with dog hair. Advancing through the rooms like sand dunes.

But to get the place all pulled together, dusting done, all the floors washed at the same time,  the piles of books sorted and stashed, and the laundry put away we have to be expecting company. Which is why we invite a small group of friends to dinner every few months.

My husband cooks up one of his special dishes (his Chicken Cacciatiore is amazing), we share wine, laughter and wonderful food with favorite people, and except for the dirty dishes, we get to wake up to a clean house the next morning.

If our friends ever stop accepting our dinner invitations I may have to hire a housekeeper.